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BIO X Bioprinter

BIO X is the new go-to bioprinter for life science companies, researchers and innovators who work with bioprinting.


Layer thickness
50 microns
Resolution (XYZ)
1 microns
Printbed temperature
6-60 °C
Printhead temperature
Cooled PH will be released in Spring 2018.
4-250 °C
Integrated UV curing
365, 405 nm
Build volume
130×90×70 mm
Integrated germicidal UV-C
275 nm

From nothing to a super-IPO

Cellink is making it possible to 3D-print human tissues and organs.

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Successful implant

The researchers created a gel composed of human cartilage cells, printed it through a CELLINK 3D bioprinter and implanted the material.

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Solving organ transplant shortage

The impact of Cellink, especially considering its tender years, has been remarkable.

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Cellink - a gem

In just a short time span, CELLINK has won several awards.

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Bioprinting - The new industry

The company has gone on to develop tissue-specific bio-inks that contain growth factors needed to stimulate particular types of cells.

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New ear, nose, or patella?

This new 3D printer can create bones and soft tissue.

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"INKREDIBLE+ is an easy to operate bioprinter providing effortless bench top sterility and fulfilling multifaceted applications of our lab. CELLINK has taken our feedback and adapted their system while being actively engaged in the process. It has been an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to personally work with the CELLINK Team and we are looking forward to future collaboration with the company."

- Dr. Grande, The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

"I believe INKREDIBLE+ is a great, very cost-friendly bio-printer. Thanks to its features you can make the same things you could do with any of the best state-of-the-art bio-printers. In particular, its versatility is a great asset, as you can easily move from one place to another and start using it within seconds, making it extremely useful for running fast tests or experiments and improving the speed of your research."

- Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC) - Smart Nano-Bio-Devices group

"I find the INKREDIBLE+ bioprinter a simple and inexpensive instrument to get started with the exciting work of bioprinting. The instrument is least intimidating and the excellent support from the CELLINK made the transition into the new field even easier."

- BME, University of Virginia

"The INKREDIBLE+ is a bioprinter that allows customizability without being too complicated, which is perfect as an introductory bioprinter in research applications. CELLINK also provides great customer service with timely responses and has been fantastic to work with."

- University of Oklahoma

"The system is robust, precise and reliable - the possibility to use open source 3D printing software offers maximum flexibility in the use of the machine."

- Department of Pediatrics I, Medical University Innsbruck

"A versatile 3D bioprinter that is easy to use and operate with flexibility for an array of applications."

- Louisiana Tech University

"The printer is very powerful and helpful. The CELLINK team is very active and energetic. We hope in the future our company (NAMI in HongKong) has the opportunity to collaborate with CELLINK to develop more nano-inks/bioinks."

- Nano and Advanced Materials Institute, Ltd

"CELLINK is fantastic to work with. Absolutely incredible customer service. Their team has been a pleasure to work with, and they are a great option for bioprinting technology. "

- Dr. Skardal

"After a considerable amount of research on the current 3D bioprinting companies, we decided to go with the INKREDIBLE bioprinter by CELLINK. This printer truly offers the features that a tissue engineering facility needs with a fraction of the price."

- University College of London, Eastman Dental Institute

"As a customer that ordered the Dual-head INKREDIBLE Bioprinter, I would like to sincerely thank the staff for making the purchase easy and to the point. CELLINK was incredibly receptive and supportive throughout the process. I would highly recommend CELLINK as the first stop for anyone interested in entering the field of bioprinting at minimal cost."

- Konkuk University, Department of Biomedical Science

Bioinks creating new opportunities

CELLINK is the first bioink company in the world and is also the creator of the world’s first universal bioink. This opens up the opportunity for scientists to bioprint using any type of cells. CELLINK also provides a wide range of bioinks for different applications. A bioink is a hydrogel biomaterial that is suitable for bioprinting and it provides a temporary support to the cells while they produce their own extracellular matrix.

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