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Featured Story - March 25, 2017
CELLINK's technology was used by scientist at Chalmers University of Technology to successfully implant 3D printed human cartilage cells in baby mice. This is huge…
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CELLINK Featured in Tech Crunch

CELLINK's technology was used by scientist at Chalmers University of Technology to successfully implant 3D printed human cartilage cells in baby mice. This is huge…

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3D bioprinted human cartilage cells to live and grow inside mice

3ders - Mar 24, 2017

No better way to end the week than to see our technology is being used to change the world.  Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology and Sahlgrenska Academy, have used 3D bioprinting to induce living human cartilage cells to develop and grow in an animal. This is a huge breakthrough and a step towards bioprinting... Read more »


What’s there not to like about 3D Bioprinting?

BJM - Mar 22, 2017

3D Bioprinting is something that might have appeared in an episode of The Jetsons or The Twilight Zone.  3D Bioprinting is something that seems so far fetched to many but in reality we are living in a time where the benefits of 3D Bioprinting can have a huge impact on humanity. Imagine if there was... Read more »


Utilizing 3D Bioprinting to Develop Organs

The Art of Service - Mar 22, 2017

3D Bioprinting offers endless possibilities to change the world as we know it today. Utilizing 3D Bioprinting for developing organs is something that will not only change the way patients receive organs but change lives in a way we once didn’t think was possible. Download the PDF in the link provided below to see just... Read more »


CELLINK was featured in Swedish News Outlet: Veckans Affärer

VA - Mar 21, 2017

Looks like the world is becoming more and more interested about the world of bioprinting! Read the article below


CELLINK AB has appointed an Advisory Board

Mar 17, 2017

CELLINK AB has appointed an Advisory Board   CELLINK AB (“CELLINK” or the “Company”) has appointed an Advisory Board to assist the company in strategic development, the Advisory board is composed of four individuals with extensive experience in their fields of expertise. See members below.   Dr. David Williams is a Professor in the Institute... Read more »


The Endless Possibilities of 3D Bioprinting

RegMedNet - Mar 17, 2017

Today we were featured on 3D MedNet  about the endless possibilities of 3D Bioprinting. Our Co-founders Erik Gatenholm and Hector Martinez shared their thoughts on how 3D Bioprinting will contribute to the world in various ways. Read the story below to see how 3D Bioprinting will take over the world!


What could the new future of the FDA mean for Bioprinting?

Forbes - Mar 16, 2017

The FDA has been working with bioprinting as of lately. With a new leader set to take place, what will this mean? Scott Gottlien, a physician and policy expert at the American Enterprise Institute is said to likely be nominated by President Donald Trump as the next commissioner at the FDA.   Gottlieb edged out Jim... Read more »


Bioprinting paving the way to develop life-saving drugs

Global News - Mar 15, 2017

A company in Vancuver, Canada is working with 3D Bioprinting to create tissues that pharma companies can use to test new drugs. Watch the video in the link below to see how they are using 3D Bioprinting to make this happen:


A New Hydrogel looks like a Good Candidate as Artificial Vitreous, to Help Fix Detached Retinas

MedGadget - Mar 14, 2017

The vitreous is the substance in the space between the lens of the eye and the retina. This is a highly transparent jelly like material that helps you see more clearly. Between age or caused by injury, the vitreous can become depleted. This will the n require surgical replenishment to restore the vision.  Current interventions... Read more »


5 Tools You Need to Bioprint

Mar 13, 2017

Ready to start to 3D Bioprinting? Before you do, take a look at these 5 tools that you need to get the process going: Traditional 3D printers are not suitable for bioprinting applications. Bioprinting is performed under much milder printing conditions compared to the printing of thermoplastics utilized in other additive manufacturing approaches. Additionally, a... Read more »


Biotech Buzz is about more than Bioprinting! Tune in today to hear RegMedNet editor Freya Leask

Sound Cloud - Mar 10, 2017

Freya joined Future Science Group in December 2016 and, as Editor and Community Manager for RegMedNet and 3DMedNet, is responsible for curating the latest news and exclusive content across both sites as well as supporting the regenerative medicine and 3D printing in medicine communities through collaborations and spotlights. Freya has an MChem in Chemistry from... Read more »


Attention fellow 3D Bioprinting enthusiast- looking for guest bloggers!

Mar 9, 2017

Attention fellow 3D Bioprinting enthusiast! As some of you may know, we started a blog section on our website where we post news about bioprinting and other things happening within the industries surrounding it. We would now like to invite you to contribute blog posts to be featured on our page! We will also include... Read more »


3D Bioprinting Could Save Lives

Jacobs School - Mar 9, 2017

3D Bioprinting allows for a variety of opportunities to improve our overall physical condition and health. In the article below, read how University of California San Diego 3D printed a variety of devices ranging from rocket engines, to robots, to structures inspired by the seahorse’s tail. Now, nanoengineers have added a new item to that list:... Read more »


Awesome TEDx: 3D Bioprinting is Medicines Next Frontier

Youtube - Mar 8, 2017

  In an time where new medical technologies are in great demand, don’t you think a 3D bioprinter be useful?  TEDx presents  Dr. Sam Wadsworth. He  explains the future he sees consisting of bioprinted human airways and organs. Sam is an entrepreneur, inventor and scientist. He has a Ph.D in respiratory cell biology that he... Read more »

Bioprinting of human tissues and organs background

Robots wearing 3D Bioprinted Skin? Yup. You heard that right.

Engadget - Mar 7, 2017

Alright alright we admit this does sound pretty creepy, 3D Bioprinted skin on a robot sounds like something out of a scifi movie. According to scientist at Oxford University, this looks like the future for robots. No more metal creatures out of Star Wars with lights flashing. Robots will eventually absolutely look like humans. It’s... Read more »


Tune into this TEDx to learn about how 3D Bioprinting

Youtube - Mar 6, 2017

Happy Monday everyone! Take a few minutes to enjoy this awesome TEDx on 3d bioprinting with Dr. Aleksander Skardal. Learn how Dr. Skardal and his team are using 3d bioprinting to lower the cost of healthcare.


New Episode of Biotech Buzz! Today it’s all about 3D Bioprinting

Sound Cloud - Mar 3, 2017

Today on Biotech Buzz we have Dr. Yu Shrike Zhang from Harvard Medical School. Shrike was born and grew up in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. He received a B.Eng. in Biomedical Engineering from Southeast University (Nanjing) in 2008, after which he then came to the US and obtained a M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Washington University in... Read more »