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Spanish researchers are now one step closer to creating bone and cartilage for patients using 3D printing, after the tissues were recently synthesized using the technology for the first time. This sees Spain keeping pace with developments we’ve previously reported on in various other places around the world, where 3D bio-printing is beginning to move out of the laboratory and...

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Researchers from Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) have developed a process involving bioprinting that can engineer blood vessels in extracted teeth.   The findings are expected to have impact on root canal treatments which currently involves removing the tooth’s infected pulp and replacing it with a substance known as gutta-percha. This thermoplastic material is similar to rubber...

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In recent years, 3D printing in the medical field has made the leap from science fiction to science fact. 3D printers are being used to accomplish some unprecedented — and incredible — things. For instance, because 3D printers “build” objects in layers, medical researchers have been able to build tissues with integrated blood vessels. Because...

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I remember teachers asking the question, “What is the largest human organ?” in class many years ago, and most kids shouted out incorrect guesses, like the stomach or the brain. While the largest internal human organ is the liver, by now we should all know that the skin is the actual largest organ. There has...

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Medical 3D printing, otherwise known as bioprinting, was once an ambitious pipe dream. However, time and investment eventually made it a reality. Now, 3D printers are helping pharmaceutical companies to create more specific drugs, enabling the rapid production of medical implants, and changing the way that doctors and surgeons plan procedures. The ultimate aim of medical...

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Daily Mail

WHAT IS BIOPRINTING?   Bioprinting is an Earth-based technique of using magnetic forces to handle cell cultures. Researchers add gold atoms to cell cultures, and the atoms bind strongly to the membrane of the cells, which then make it possible to manipulate them with magnets. In a new project called the Magnetic 3D Cell Culturing...

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Imagine having the ability to engineer organs and tissue on demand, reducing the years long wait time many patients must go through to receive a transplant.   Or, a world where machines could instantly create a variety of medical materials to be used to streamline safety and efficacy testing, saving companies billions of dollars in...

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