A new approach for complex liquid-handling tasks. The “Immediate Drop on Demand Technology” (I-DOT) is a new approach for nano to microliter liquid-handling tasks.

Single-cell printer™

Cytena’s single-cell printerTM (scpTM) is a benchtop size, automated laboratory instrument. The open deck contains two separate carriers to load 96- or 384-well plates. The dispensing-head with dispensing unit and optics can be moved freely on a 3-axes robotic stage.

c.sight ®

We have tailored the c.sight® to meet the specific requirements of both, cell line development and single-cell genomics. High efficiencies, fast plate processing, reliable image and data storage and assurance of clonality by an image series of the single-cell dispensing event for each well!

b.sight ®

For the first time, dispense single bacteria using proven single-cell dispensing technology. With the b.sight® we enable prokaryotic cell isolation in the sub-micron range. The extremely high-resolution optics with inline illumination makes the smallest cells visible. No staining and no labelling required to isolate single-bacteria.

f.sight ®

The f.sight® dispenses both unlabeled and fluorescent cells with the highest efficiency. The novel dual camera system allows you to capture bright field and fluorescence information simultaneously at full resolution.

Complete in-house product development and manufacturing

The input range of great ideas are endless at CELLINK, all from our creative customers, hard working team and extensive internal testing.

Our tech team of mechanical, electronics, robotics and software engineers as well as our UX/UI designers, biomaterial scientist and tissue engineers make it possible for us to fully develop our bioprinters, bioinks and softwares in-house. Our development and manufacturing teams work very closely in the development process. This has enabled us to accelerate the transition from prototype to first batch and finally to series production, all under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Working with the ISO 9001 ensures that our customers get consistent, good quality products and services.

This truly gives a complete control when delivering new and innovative products and solutions to our customers since we can utilize the full strength, expertise and passion of the team to get the job done. Having a full in-house development team that works closely with our collaborators and partners who are users of the technology has made it possible to grow our knowledge and expertise on developing products that have a direct need in the bioprinting field and life sciences.