<strong>Bioink</strong> by CELLINK

Bioink by CELLINK

The future of Bioprinting

At CELLINK we have a passion to develop new bioinks with good printability and bioactive properties that guide cellular fate processes. Our goal is to support tissue engineers, cell biologist and clinicians to help translate innovative 3D bioprinting technology and bioinks into the clinic.


3D Bioprinting of human tissues and organs is revolutionizing the field of tissue engineering and thus, the future of medicine. We believe we can create this future through a collaborative spirit with scientist all over the world and by putting our combined expertise to the service of humanity.

What is a bioink?

A bioink is a hydrogel biomaterial that is suitable for bioprinting with mammalian cells and it provides a temporary support to the cells while they produce their own extracellular matrix [1]. Bioinks based on biopolymers, such as collagen, gelatin, hyaluronan, silk, alginate, and nanocellulose, are known for their favorable biocompatible properties and are attractive biomaterials for cell encapsulation and 3D bioprinting. These bioinks provide an aqueous 3D environment with biologically relevant chemical and physical signals, mimicking the natural extracellular matrix environment. Significant advances in 3D bioprinting technology as well as development of new bioinks have made it possible to bioprint complex 3D tissue structures [2, 3].

CELLINK’s bioink…

provide mammalian cells with a milieu that resembles their natural matrix while their printability makes it possible to bioprint complex, cell-laden constructs.

When you are looking for an ideal solution to all your 3D Bioprinting and 3D cell culturing needs you can count on CELLINK to deliver the results you are looking for. CELLINK provides sterile and ready-to-use bioinks in 3mL and 10mL cartridges, adapting to your bioprinting needs.


Bioink and it’s properties

Ideally, the bioink should exhibit a high zero-shear viscosity, shear-thinning behavior and rapid gelation in order to maintain a high shape fidelity during the bioprinting process. In addition to having good printability, the bioink should also provide a biologically relevant 3D environment that supports cell fate processes, such as cell attachment, proliferation and differentiation.

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Application of Bioinks

Application of Bioinks

The future of Bioprinting

CELLINK is the first universal bioink that has been optimized for 3D bioprinting of human tissue. When you are looking for an ideal solution to all your 3D bioprinting needs you can count on CELLINK to deliver the results you are looking for.