BIO X is the go-to bioprinter for life-science companies,
researchers and innovators.

From nothing to a super-IPO

Cellink is making it possible to 3D-print human tissues and organs.

New ear, nose, or patella?

This new 3D printer can create bones and soft tissue.

Successful implant

The researchers created a gel composed of human cartilage cells, printed it through a CELLINK 3D bioprinter and implanted the material.

Solving organ transplant shortage

The impact of Cellink, especially considering its tender years, has been remarkable.

Cellink - a gem

In just a short time span, CELLINK has won several awards.

Bioprinting - The new industry

The company has gone on to develop tissue-specific bio-inks that contain growth factors needed to stimulate particular types of cells.

Clean, reinvented

A complete system of uncompromised cleanliness

With dual high-power fans producing a powerful airflow through its dual-filtration top, BIO X bioprinter creates a positive pressure inside the chamber. The HEPA H14 dual-filter top retains more than 99.995% of unwanted particles and microorganisms. BIO X is equipped with UV-C germicidal lamps that allow you to run automatic cycles to sterilize the printing environment.

User-centered interface

Ergonomically designed for your convenience

Your convenience is our priority. BIO X touch display is fully usable even with gloves on, ensuring a sterile environment. BIO X and its screen are as durable as any lab equipment, and can be cleaned just as easily.


Intelligent and exchangeable

BIO X is the first 3D bioprinter in the world with Intelligent Printheads (iPH), ensuring your research is always on the cutting edge. BIO X printheads are designed with flexibility, beauty and simplicity in mind. The best part is that you can design your own dispensing technologies or methods to use with BIO X system. The possibilities are endless, giving you full freedom in your lab work.

For any application

CELLINK offers a range of printheads and tool heads

Leverage triple-printhead technology to combine different materials and printing techniques that fit your application.

Use up to eight printheads (and counting!):
– Heated Pneumatic Printhead, 3cc (65° Celsius)
– Heated Pneumatic Printhead, 10cc (65°)
– Electromagnetic Droplet (EMD) Printhead (65°)
– Temperature-controlled Pneumatic Printhead (4-65°)
– Syringe Pump Printhead (65°)
– Thermoplastic Printhead (250°)
– Photocuring Toolhead (for UV and visible light in any wavelength: 365, 405, 450, 480, 520 nm)
– HD Camera Toolhead

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Wide material range

Unfit material? Not with a heat-controlled print bed.

BIO X allows you to delicately control the temperature of its print bed, enabling a new level of printing quality. Being able to control the print bed temperature paves the way for using any bioink, no matter the viscosity.


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