The future of 3D bioprinting

The state-of-the-art solutions for printing skin, cartilage tissue and more.

Unrivaled sterility, precision and versatility

The INKREDIBLE and INKREDIBLE+ bioprinters bring streamlined efficiency to every lab – along with excellent technical support.

The INKREDIBLE bioprinter is a pneumatic-based extrusion bioprinter with dual printheads and a UV LED curing system. It’s a cost-effective unit that enables innovators to enter the 3D bioprinting field and print living tissues at ease.

Robust and reliable, the INKREDIBLE+ is the only true benchtop bioprinter on the market. Thanks to our patented Clean Chamber Technology, the INKREDIBLE+ can be used directly on your lab bench. Its HEPA-filtered positive air pressure ensures that your projects stay sterile. The INKREDIBLE+ has a cartridge-heating system to enable more projects than ever before. Its features make it the state-of-the-art solution for bioprinting tissues and tissue models.

Both the INKREDIBLE and INKREDIBLE+ have LCD controllers to act as standalone units – they can also be operated through a computer using our accompanying software.

Your three-dimensional design files are translated into coordinates and instructions for the bioprinter, defining its path. The bioprinting process begins by extruding a bioink or hydrogel biomaterial combined with cells in a bottom-up, layer-by-layer fashion until the 3D construct is built. The 3D construct is crosslinked using the UV LED curing system or an ionic solution, depending on your bioink’s crosslinking requirements.

Dual printheads

The dual printheads allow you to use different types of cells in the same structure, without switching cartridges or pausing the bioprinting process. This makes it possible to print using a support structure, thus enabling the INKREDIBLE to bioprint complex structures that would otherwise collapse.

Clean Chamber Technology

CELLINK’s patented Clean Chamber Technology allows the INKREDIBLE+ to be operated outside of a biological hood – creating a true desktop 3D bioprinter! With HEPA filtered positive air pressure inside the printing chamber you can be sure that your bioprinting is sterile.

UV-crosslinking system

The UV-crosslinking system hardens the structure, allowing it to be moved without losing its shape. Both the INKREDIBLE and the INKREDIBLE+ are delivered with 365nm LEDs standard, and the INKREDIBLE+ has a 405nm option to further widen the range of crosslinkable bioinks.