CELLINK is the first Bioink company in the world and a world leader and expert in 3D-Bioprinting. The company develops revolutionary bioprinting technologies that enable scientists to 3D-Bioprint human tissues and organs and new biomaterial solutions for researchers worldwide. This can be utilized in a wide range of applications in the biotech field, including tissue engineering, cancer research, disease models and drug testing. Our goal and focus are to ensure that researchers are provided with the tools they need to revolutionize the medical industry through 3D-Bioprinting.

Shipping and Handling Technician – Full-time

The CELLINK family is looking for a passionate, driven, organized individual to join our Blacksburg office! Our shipping and handling technician will be working in the transportation of goods and management of inventory. The technician will manage and track inventory, process orders, and oversee cycle of order fulfillment and is responsible for making sure packages and/or products are processed through the delivery and/or warehouse system efficiently and safely.


Duties and responsibilities

  • Plan and track the shipment of final products according to customer requirements with little to no delay, scheduling staff.
  • Able to organize and keep track of inventory, restocking when necessary to ensure there are no delays in customer orders.
  • Keep logs and records of executed orders.
  • Manage all aspects of shipping routes and delivery, specifically about customer satisfaction.
  • Responsible for responding notifying customers about any delays in the delivery schedule and refer them to the appropriate channels.
  • Manage the maintenance, preparation, and routing of purchase orders.
  • Communicate with shipping companies to ensure prompt pick-up and delivery of shipments.
  • Arrange same-day deliveries whenever possible.
  • Review purchase orders and shipment contents prior to releasing them from our facility.
  • Track and analyze mis-shipments to ensure they don’t occur again.
  • Continually reviews freight costs, transportation rates, and/or the prices of raw materials to keep costs down where possible.


Requirements and Qualifications

  • Detail-oriented.
  • Exceptional organizational skills, able to set up inventory.
  • Problem-solving and organizational skills.
  • Comfortable handling customer orders and communicating with suppliers and shipping companies.
  • Ability to analyze data, understand connections and make decisions.
  • Talent for recognizing the opportunities for process improvement in those connections.
  • Procedural mindset.
  • Ability to prioritize.
  • Good communicating and coordinating skills.


Location: Blacksburg, VA

For questions about the position, please contact kd@cellink.com