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Helping you get the whole story

Details matter in live-cell imaging. That’s why we have designed the CELLCYTE X to provide the maximum insight scientists need on every experiment. Our goal is to take the obstacles and variables out of cell monitoring – so you can focus on the results. The most cost-effective, yet high throughput live-cell imaging system is ready for all of your applications.

The future of cell monitoring

We reinvented microscopy by developing an insightful and user-friendly system that’s specifically made for the cell biology connoisseurs around the world. CELLCYTE X is the next-generation cell imaging platform designed to optimize data collection, analysis, and cell culturing processes. CELLCYTE X leverages the full power of CELLINK’s DNA Cloud-based software to deliver continuous insight to your cells, enabling high-impact observation without the risk of disturbing an experiment. Who doesn’t want to know how their cells are doing from the comfort of their desk?

Hardware centered on your success

  • Compact design tailored to fit inside conventional incubators.
  • Six slots for well plates and flasks enables high-throughput screening.
  • Scan a 96-well plate in under five minutes.
  • Track cell morphology moment-by-moment at three frames per second.
  • The five-megapixel camera captures the clarity and sharp resolution you need.
  • Study every detail at 4 times, 10 times or 20 times magnification.
  • Three fluorescence channels help distinguish structures and layers.
  • Power efficient to share resources with coexisting lab hardware.
  • Robust operation in high humidity and temperatures up to 37 degrees Celsius.
  • Experience the superior optical performance enabled by anodized aluminum, chosen for its nonreflective and lightweight properties.

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