CELLINK Co-founder and CEO Erik Gatenholm to speak at C2 Conference

Are you going to C2 in Montreal?


See what they had to say about our Co-founder CEO!


“At the push of a button, Erik Gatenholm can 3D-print you a human nose. The 28-year-old biotech entrepreneur is the CEO of CELLINK, the first bioink company in the world to lead the way for printing human organs. For the past eight years, Erik has been working on commercializing different technologies in the biotech industry, satisfying his twin passions: helping people and business innovation. He founded CELLINK in order to do nothing short of revolutionize the way medical research and practice is conducted worldwide. To date, CELLINK has created many different types of bioink – materials that mimic the natural environment that cells grow in, and which can be mixed with living cells to create functional human tissues with a 3D printer. This process has the potential to dramatically reduce the time currently spent waiting for life-saving transplants while increasing survival rates and quality of life. So if, in the future, you need a new liver, you might be in luck. Erik predicts that in 15 to 20 years we’ll be able to custom-print it, along with kidneys, lungs and hearts.”

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