CELLINK closes a directed share issue of SEK 30 million to Handelsbanken Fund

The Board of Directors of CELLINK AB (publ) (“CELLINK” or “the Company”) has, with the support of the authorization the board received at the Company’s Annual General Meeting on September 29, 2016, resolved to issue a directed new issue to Handelsbanken Fund for a total of 326,087 B shares.


• The subscription price amounts to SEK 92 per share


• CELLINK receives a total of 30 MSEK


• The reasons for the deviation from shareholders’ preferential rights and the motivation for the targeted issue are to increase the base of long-term and committed shareholders to enable preparedness for a higher rate of investment and value-creating acquisitions


• The Board of Directors agree that the share issue will benefit the company and therefore its shareholders


• For existing shareholders, the issue results in a dilution effect of approximately 4.5 percent of the capital and approximately 3.1 percent of the votes in the Company • Through the issue, the number of outstanding B shares increases from 6,865,676 to 7,191,773


• The company’s total number of outstanding shares increases from 7,247,676 shares to a total of 7,566,763 shares, divided into 375,000 Series A shares and

7,191,763 Series B shares.


• The issue increases the share capital by SEK 32,608.7 from 724,067.6 to SEK 756,676.3, increasing the number of votes from 10,615,676 to 10,941,763 votes