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CELLINK 2nd Annual Partnership Conference

CELLINK 2nd Annual Partnership Conference

CELLINK Collaborative Partnership Conference

CELLINK’s Collaborative Partnership Conference, Miami 2018

Every year we gather our collaborators from around the world for our annual CELLINK Collaborative Partnership Conference. Our Collaborative Partnership Conference provides the opportunity to connect with fellow researchers, learn from the community, facilitate collaboration opportunities, get to know the CELLINK team and more!  We bring in leading researchers within the bioprinting field to speak and further educate our community.

Researchers are able to participate in poster sessions, panels and roundtable discussions to share their work with fellow scientists.

At CELLINK, our goal is to continually build the biggest and best bioprinting community around the globe.

We are extremely grateful for all who attended our 2018 Collaborative Partnership Conference. It is an honor to be able to collaborate and work towards a common goal in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Stay tuned for more info on our 2019 event! Keep on bioprinting!