CELLINK completes a directed share issue of 30 million SEK

The Board of CELLINK AB (publ) (“CELLINK or the “Company”) has, with support of the authorization the Board received from the Annual General Meeting in September 29, 2016, decided on a directed share issue to a small group of investors for a total of 344 829 shares of series B.  

  • The subscription price is 87 SEK per share, based on a 30 days volume weight average price with a 7.5 per cent discount.
  • CELLINK will receive a total of 30 MSEK in the issue.
  • The reason for deviation from the shareholders preferential rights and the motives for the share issue is to increase and broaden the shareholder base with qualified and long-term investors and also in a cost-effective and timely manner way raise capital to enable and prepare for a higher scale of investment and value-creating acquisitions.
  • The Board is of the opinion that the issue will be of benefit to the Company and therefore to its shareholders.
  • For existing shareholders, the directed share issue will result a dilution of approximately 4.8 per cent of the capital and approximately 3.3 per cent of the voting rights in the Company.
  • The issue increase the number of outstanding shares of series B from 6 520 847 to 6 865 676 shares.
  • The company’s total number of outstanding shares increases from 6 895 847 to a total of 7 240 676 shares, divided into 375 000 series A shares and 6 865 676 series B shares.
  • The share issue increase the share capital by 32 184 SEK, from 689 585 SEK to 724 068 SEK and increase the numbers of voting rights from 10 270 847 to 10 615 676 votes.

The directed share issue is subscribed accordingly:

Investor Volume (SEK) Amount of B-shares
Claes Dinkelspiel 10,000,041 114,943
Gustavia Ny Teknik 3,000,021 34,483
Jonas Nordlund 3,000,021 34,483
Kåre Gilstring 3,000,021 34,483
Mangold Stiftelseportfölj 3,000,021 34,483
Mangold Fondkommission AB 2,749,983 31,609
Spectric Inteligence AB 2,000,043 22,989
Carl Bennet AB 1,250,016 14,368
Gryningskust Holding AB 999,978 11,494
Rikard Akhtarzand 999,978 11,494
Total             30,000,123                              344,829

Mangold Fondkommission AB is financial advisor to CELLINK in connection with the issue.

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