We are ecstatic to see that 3D Bioprinting is making it’s mark on the world. As you may have previously read, the study conducted by Chalmers University and Sahlgrenska Academy with 3D printed cartilage has made several headlines around the world.  See what Global Futurist had to say.


“Loosing a part of your body, such as an ear, knee or a nose in an accident, and degenerative diseases like Arthritis can have a debilitating impact on a person but now, thanks to a team from Sweden’s Sahlgrenska Academy and Chalmers University of Technology all of that might one day, and sooner than we think, change. Last week the team, led by Professor Paul Gatenholm, announced that they’ve managed to successfully implant new, 3D printed synthetic cartilage cells into baby mice. Add that to the fact we can also 3D print human bone, brains, hearts, kidneys, skin much more, and the future of 3D printed body parts is looking promising. And I won’t mention anything about our ability to create synthetic blood, grow stomachs in petri dishes or breed human-animal hybrid chimeras.”