CELLINK featured in Next Big Future at C2 Montreal

Erik Gatenholm is Co-Founder and CEO here at CELLINK. In 2016, he founded CELLINK to revolutionize the way that we conduct medical research worldwide. He led a workshop at the C2 Montreal conference called “Need a tissue, Bioprinting is the next Medical Revolution”


At C2 Montreal – There was a presentation on bioprinting and Cellink technology.
Then there was an activity where people in groups looked at a sample of bioprinted tissue and people worked on exercises of what people thought was possible or preposterous in the future.


There was a forecast of increased tissue engineering enhanced plastic surgery.


There was then an exercise on considering the implications.


There would be a society where people looked more similar.


Both the forecast and the implication are already in an advanced state in South Korea.


South Korea has the highest per capita rate of cosmetic surgery in the world, by one key industry estimate. Gallup Korea found about one in three South Korean women between the ages of 19 and 29 said they’ve gone under the knife, though some counts put the number even higher. Most of the surgeries are eyelid procedures and the vast majority of plastic surgery patients are women.


South Korea has industrialized the ideal [beauty]. The ideal is being created by the beauty industry, by K-pop [Korean pop music], by perhaps even the government, in what they’re selling to the rest of the world as to the ideal Korean beauty.

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