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Cellink GO

A new 3D Bioprinter and educational platform.

The CELLINK GO platform includes a Bioprinter, Bioinks, kits, curriculum and other related products and is managed by a laptop software that ensures that users can quickly learn to bioprint various materials. CELLINK’s mission is to work heavily within education to help mold the scientists of the future by integrating 3D Bioprinting into education.


Together with bullying prevention organizations Be Strong (, Speak Up ( and three leading bioprinting scientist Dr. Ali Khademhosseini, Dr. Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari and Dr. George Christ, CELLINK will launch the anti-bullying campaign “Fit for Science” in conjunction with the launch of CELLINK Go.

CELLINK GO Specifications
Extrusion technologies Pneumatic (dual) Syringe-based
Viscosity range (mPa.s) + 300,000
Maximum fluid pressure (kPa) 700
Cartridge volume (mL) 3 (standard)
5, 10, 30 (available)
Heated printbed (℃) 60
Heated printhead (℃) 250 (available)
Cooled printhead (℃) 4 (available)
Nozzle diameter (µm) 30, 50 to 1600
Connectivity Wifi, USB
Printbed fittings Petridish, wellplates, glass slides
Accessories Nozzles & cartridges
Other features Built-in speakers, camera, automatic calibration
Gelatin Methacryloyl check
Collagen methacryloyl check
Decellularized ECM check
Collagen solution check
Hyaluronan check
Alginate check
Chitosan check
Silk check
Nanocellulose check
Gellan gum check
Multi-arm PEGs
Gelatin check
Pectin check
Agarose check
Bioinks for educational purposes
E.g. Sylgard 184, SE 1700
Laponite check
Micro crystalline cellulose check
Starch ether check
Magnesium Aluminum Silicate check
Bentonite Clay check
Carrageenan check
Pluronics F127 check
Propylene glycol check
Polycaprolactone check
Polylactic Acid check
PLGA check