CELLINK Introduces New Logo: The Heart

The success of a company stems from the passion of the hardworking individuals who drive it forward. At CELLINK, we have, after many months of planning and understanding our underlying beat, chosen an icon to represent our brand for the three pillars that are near and dear to our soul: Family, Compassion/Love, and creating the future of medicine together with our amazing Science and Technology. As a team, we unite as a family daily to ensure customer care and collaboration with our community to help create a better future for generations to come.


CELLINK came to life after two individuals who wanted to change the world knew there was a missing link in the human organ and tissue market. They believed they could truly make a disruptive impact with the right team to turn their dreams into reality. And together we have made it a reality.


After Erik Gatenholm and Hector Martinez joined forces, there was no stopping them. Throughout their journey they have formed a bond of brotherhood that has become unbreakable. “Your colleagues become your family. Without love and respect for one another we could not have gotten to where we are today. With human life and patients as a central driving force, we will reach for the stars. We are grateful for every partner, customer, team member, and supporter we have as they are all part of this journey.” states CELLINK CEO/co-founder Erik Gatenholm.


CELLINK’s journey may have started with two but the family quickly grew to 50 individuals just two years after the company was founded. The company looks for those who are not only skilled at what they do but fit the company culture of becoming one with the CELLINK family.


Compassion, love, empathy and kindness are only a handful of the qualities CELLINK looks for in a teammate. Through the highs and lows we believe it’s essential to work with individuals who share our morals and values.  Without a supportive network this company would not exist.


We pride ourselves in treating both our team and collaborators with the upmost respect. People don’t stay loyal to “good” companies, they stay loyal to good people.  At CELLINK we strive to instill trust within our community to move our collective mission forward to revolutionize the healthcare industry.  This logo symbolizes the lives we wish to change and save. Together with the most brilliant minds from all corners of the world, we will bioprint human tissues and organs to change life as we know it.




It’s an honor to present to you the Beating Heart of CELLINK


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