Science never ceases to amaze us. From 3D Bioprinting to regular  3D printing this space is surely making waves in the world. Researchers are constantly reaching new heights on a regular basis. Doctors in India have recently completed the country’s first spinal restoration surgery using 3D printing.

A severe case of tuberculosis caused a 32 year old Indian woman to no longer walk. Tuberculosis commonly affects the lungs but it had traveled to her spinal cord during the time her immune system was extremely weakened by the drugs she was given for infertility. Sadly, the disease compromised her first, second and third cervical vertebrae which removed support for her skull and lower spine.

This caused a variety of issues such as curved posture, limb weakness, and sliding of the head. Without treatment this condition would become fatal. Thanks to 3D priting, this woman is now able to continue to live her life.