Faces of Bioprinting: Meet Johan S. Lövgren – Project Manager at CELLINK

Name: Johan S. Lövgren


Position: Project Manager at CELLINK


Bio: Prior to joining CELLINK as a project manager with a focus on development, Johan was employed by ÅF as a consultant/developer and served in the Swedish military. During his military service he was a negotiator for the United Nations.  Johan’s driven and hard working personality has been a crucial element for success at CELLINK. See below why he has chosen to work with 3D Bioprinting:


1.Why are you interested in 3DBioprinting? I am interested in bioprinting because everything needs to go faster in the future. Development must go in this direction, just think, printing a new knee in just an hour and operating into a patient, amazing! Bioprinting will be the fastest way to solve these types of problems and to help a lot of people.


2. What about 3D Bioprinting do you find the most exciting? The most exciting is that not only doctors and researchers are needed. Mechanical designers who can scan and 3D model will be a high-level person in this in the future.


3. Why do you think 3D Bioprinting is important for humanity to care about?It goes without saying, helping people who have problems with managers, agencies etc. I want it to be cheap to print in the future, so it will not be a class question, but a humanitarian aid in all parts of the world.


Ps. He also recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. How cool is that?

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