FRESH LifeSupport powder

LifeSupport™ enables FRESH bioprinting of complex tissues and geometries. The sterile LifeSupport powder rehydrates easily with a buffer or cell culture media of your choice to create a gelatin-based support bath. This flexibility enables you to optimize the support bath for your specific cells and bioink. Using the hydrated and compacted LifeSupport as a printing medium, you can prevent constructs from collapsing or deforming while printing without the need for thickeners, sacrificial inks or stabilizing modifiers.

Here are some advantages LifeSupport provides:

  • Fast and flexible preparation using the media of your choice. Add pH buffers, enzymes, ions and more to incorporate a wide range of polymer crosslinking chemistries and gelation mechanisms.
  • Compatible with the bioink and cells of your choice.
    • Recommended for use with the CELLINK A Series and Collagen Series.
    • Compatible with collagen, alginate, fibrin, ECM-derived bioinks, methacrylated gelatin, methacrylated hyaluronic acid and more.


  • Dual-function solution: reconstitutes with medium and acts as a crosslinking agent.
  • Supports slow-curing materials.
  • Shape- and size-defined microbeads enable high-resolution prints.
  • Protocols available for most common applications.
  • Compatible with Standard Pneumatic, Temperature-controlled, and Syringe Pump printheads.


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