Laminin’s essential role in cell differentiation, migration and adhesion can now be found in a stable, easy-to-use bioink. GelXA LAMININK 521 can be used as a great starting point for the culture of many cell types. Laminin 521 is the natural laminin for pluripotent and embryonic stem cells and therefore Laminin 521 induces self-renewal of these cells. In addition, GelXA LAMININK 521 supports many diverse tissue cell types, such as cells from pancreas, vascular, nervous and muscular systems. Furthermore, the bioink can be used as a base for many specialized cells including hepatocytes, cardiomyocytes, and neurons. GelXA LAMININK 521 can be printed at room temperature and crosslinked with both UV and ionic crosslinking agent thanks to the addition of alginate.

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