Meet CELLINK Anti-Bullying Campaign”Fit for Science” Partner: Speak UP!

Speak UP! has developed a seamless digital education platform that contains an app making it possible for young people to anonymously report bullying back to their school.  Speak UP! has a digital library offering a selection of relevant prevention programs and an e-learning classroom for teachers to help them feel comfortable giving inspiring prevention lessons in the classroom.


1. Why do you think it’s important for Speak Up to be apart of the CELLINK Anti-Bullying campaign?


Bullying and harassment is a global problem and therefore something we all need to address and prevent.  To be part of the CELLINK anti-bullying campaign is very important for us to spread our message to students and the world of education.


2. Why do you think science, particularly bioprinting, is important for today’s youth?


There is many global challenges in the world today and some of  them we can solve with new technology and science. If young people can discover new science, bioprinting and other new technology they will come up with new ways to solve some of these problems. To be able to do that we first need to make sure that students and children feel safe both in schools and online. If they feel safe they will learn and will then come up with new ideas that could change the world.


Our goal is to give all students in the world a voice and together with companies like CELLINK we can spread the word together to end bullying and harassments in schools and give new students a chance to create new fantastic innovations.



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