What Could the New Future of the FDA Mean for Bioprinting?

The FDA has been working with bioprinting as of lately. With a new leader set to take place, what will this mean? We’re interested to see what this change will bring in the world of bioprinting. As 3D printing and biotech continues to move forward, changes in politics can have an effect on the medical field and how future decisions will be made. Especially when it comes to decisions being made by the FDA.

Scott Gottlien, a physician and policy expert at the American Enterprise Institute is said to likely be nominated by President Donald Trump as the next commissioner at the FDA.  Gottlieb edged out Jim O’Neill, a libertarian venture capitalist backed by billionaire investor Peter Thiel, for the nod.

As Gottlieb prepares for his Senate confirmation hearings, there’s likely to be lots of interest in his public thoughts on healthcare.  His writings reveal the sharp mind of a man who doesn’t believe the system is fundamentally broken, but who is distrustful of bureaucracy as a solution and attuned to the way that small policy changes can have outside effects.

Let’s see what this means for the world of bioprinting. Read below to see this Forbes article with Scott Gottlien.

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