Polish Fundacja sets goal of bioprinting functional bionic pancreas by 2022 — CELLINK bioprinter is key

According to WHO’s statistics, the number of diabetic patients (200,000 of which are patients with type I diabetes) will double by 2030. Chronic insulin therapy with constantly improved insulin pumps and systems for continuous glycemic measurement is a viable combination for a large number of patients. For the present, the only way to achieve a complete cure is to transplant the pancreas or, to a lesser extent, transplantation of islets of Langerhans. However, these methods are difficult and present numerous drawbacks, such as the shortage of organs for transplantation, chronic immunosuppression or the risk of surgical complications after pancreas transplantation. To meet the difficulties posed by the current concept of combating illness, a new idea emerged at Polish association Fundacja Badan Rozwoju Nauki (Foundation for Research and Science Development): the idea of creating a bionic pancreas.

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