BIO X EMD Printhead

CELLINK BIO X system is the most flexible and versatile bioprinting platform on the market thanks to its exchangeable printheads, providing unparalleled research possibilities. The BIO X offers a wide range of extrusion methods to accommodate your unique bioprinting research. We know that your research is completely unique, and for that reason we offer a unique flexibility.


TEMPERATURE: 65 degrees Celsius.

We are proud to introduce our latest addition to the family of BIO X printheads, the Electromagnetic Droplet Printhead, which allows you to print at high speeds with precision. The EMD Printhead is based on electromagnetic jet technology for accurate jetting (drop-on-demand) or contact dispensing of low- and high-viscosity bioinks, hydrogels, and media. The EMD Printhead comes with accessories to support both modes of dispensing, jetting or contact.
The flow rate and drop volume is controlled by adjusting the pneumatic pressure at the bioink source, the microvalve’s opening time down to 1 ms and cycle time with frequency up to 2,500 Hz. The EMD Printhead also controls the temperature of the bioink from room temperature up to 65 degrees Celsius.


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