Cell Collect A

Cell Collect A is a proprietary enzyme-based solution that digests alginate in CELLINK bioinks. At temperatures as low as 4°C, Cell Collect A can be used to harvest cells for several downstream applications including cell viability analyses, RNA isolation, protein extraction, qPCR, western blots, and single-cell analyses. Another use of this product is partial bioink degradation. At low concentrations, Cell Collect A can reduce stiffness of alginate-based bioinks and create less restrictive extracellular environments for enhanced cell proliferation and cell-cell interactions.

  • Sterile production and packaging
  • Store at 4-8°C
  • Three-month shelf life
  • For research use only. Not for human use.


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Product.no: LR0100006001 (60ml)


Appearance  Clear solution
Sterility  Sterile
Endotoxing ≤10 EU/mL
Cell viability  ≥90% viable MSCs after 2 h of treatment
pH  6.5-7.4