A live cell imaging system dedicated to your success

  • Compact design tailored to fit inside conventional incubators.
  • Six slots for wellplates and tissue flasks enables high-throughput screening.
  • Track cell morphology moment-by-moment
  • Study every detail of your cells at multiple magnifications (eg. 4X, 10X, 20X). Modular design allows the user to easily swap the objective.
  • Three fluorescence channels help distinguish different intra- and extracellular structures of interest
    • Fluorescence Wavelengths:
    • Blue: Ex 370-410 nm; Em 429-462 nm
    • Green: Ex 473-491nm; Em 502-561 nm
    • Red: Ex 580-598 nm; Em 612-680 nm
  • The five-megapixel camera captures the clarity and sharp resolution you need.
  • Robust operation in incubator environment with high humidity without affecting incubator’s temperature.

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