CELLINK® BONE bioink offers the same good printability properties and biologically relevant 3D environment as CELLINK® Bioink with an additional biofunctionalization. This bioink is composed of tricalcium phosphate osteoconductive particles for bone tissue engineering applications. CELLINK® BONE can be mixed with a high concentration of cells with our CELLMIXER for a one-step bioprinting process. CELLINK® BONE is simply crosslinked with our ionic binding agent after the bioprinting process.





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Cartridges: Bioink comes in 3 mL cartridges.
1 Bottle of crosslinking agent included.
Sterile produced and packaged.
6 month shelf life.
Not for human use. Only for research use.

Product no: IK2400000301 (1 × 3 mL)
Product no: IK2400000305 (5 × 3 mL)