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The CELLINK® GelMA Kit consists of sterile CELLINK® GelMA powder along with photoinitiator necessary to blend your own bioink composition. Easy to use and get started making and customizing your own GelMA based bioinks or for use as a base material for 3D cell culture. Please Contact for bulk quantities.
CELLINK GelMA Kit Application Note CELLINK GelMA UV Crosslinking Recommendations CELLINK GelMA Casting and Mechanical Properties Application Note CELLINK GelMA Safety Data Sheet  
CELLINK GelMA Kit comes in sterile vials, intended for one shot mixing.
GelMA is sterile produced and packaged.
Photoinitiator in seperate vial, not sterile. 100 mg photoinitiator per 500 mg GelMA.
Please follow recommended guidelines for reconstitution.
Not for human use. Only for research use.

2 x 500 mg, 1 x 1 gram, 10 x 500 mg, 5 x 1 gram,

Photoinitiator type

None, Irgacure 2959, LAP

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