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Product no: IK-1261C-1
CELLINK SKIN+ bioink CELLINK SKIN+ bioink is the upgraded version of CELLINK SKIN bioink. It is in situ biofunctionalized with Fibrin and has the same good printability properties and biologically relevant 3D environment as CELLINK bioink. The particularity of CELLINK SKIN+ is that it is provided with thrombin and an ionic binding agent for crosslinking. This is why CELLINK SKIN+ is providing your cells the perfect environment to develop and proliferate into a skin tissue ideal for research or testing. CELLINK SKIN+ can be mixed with a high concentration of cells.
Cartridges: Bioink comes in 3 mL cartridges.
1 Bottle of crosslinking agent included.
Sterile produced and packaged.

3 mL, 5 x 3mL

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