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CELLINK Start Sterile


Product no: S-20032-001 (50 × 3 mL) Product no: S-20033-001 (5 × 3 mL) Product no: S-20034-001 (10 × 3 mL)
CELLINK Start is a water soluble gel used as a sacrificial material when bioprinting cell-laden constructs with bioinks having poor shape fidelity or to prevent sagging of bioink filament and thus, bioprint constructs with porosity along all three axes. CELLINK Start is printed at room temperature and easily dissolves away when washing with culture media (after gelation of cell-laden bioink) – making it an easy to use sacrificial material. You can print all your complex structures with CELLINK Start and ensure that they look the way they should prior to printing with human cells. It's the perfect start for all your bioprinting experiments.
Cartridges: Bioink comes in 3 mL cartridges.
Sterile produced and packaged.
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