ColMA Kit

Want more flexibility in your collagen ink? The ColMA powder kit consists of methacrylated type I collagen for use as a 3D tissue construct biomaterial or as a component in bioinks. Simply reconstitute in an acid buffer at your desired concentration and you are ready to print or use in your own bioinks! This material both self-assembles under thermal heating and photocrosslinks to enhance mechanical characteristics.

Recommended for use with BIO X and temperature controlled printhead and heated printbed. Not Recommended for use with INKREDIBLE+ or INKREDIBLE.


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The kit includes: 1 bottle of 100 mg freeze dried ColMA powder.
ColMA powder sterile produced and packaged.
Photoinitiator, 100 mg, in separate vial, not sterile.
Six month shelf life ColMA powder
Follow recommended guidelines for reconstitution.
Not for human use. Only for research use.

Product no: VL4501000101 (Irga 1 x 100 mg)
Product no: VL4501000103 (Irga 3 x 100 mg)
Product no: VL4501000105 (Irga 5 x 100 mg)
Product no: VL4501020101 (LAP 1 x 100 mg)
Product no: VL4501020103 (LAP 3 x 100 mg)
Product no: VL4501020105 (LAP 5 x 100 mg)
Product no: VL4500000101 (1 x 100 mg)
Product no: VL4500000103 (3 x 100 mg)
Product no: VL4500000105 (5 x 100 mg)