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GelMA-HAMA kit



Product no: V3HA00200001
Want more control over your GelMA-HAMA in your bioink or 3D culture material? Tailor your own formulation with our sterile, ready to use GelMA-HAMA kit. Reconstitute at your desired concentration and blend to develop your own bioink. This kit comes with sterile cartridges and nozzles so you can start bioprinting right away.
GelMA-HAMA Kit Protocol  
This kit includes: 500 mg GelMA, 100 mg HAMA.
Sterile produced and packaged
Not for human use. Only for research use.
Photoinitiator type

None, Irgacure 2959, LAP


1 x 1 Kit, 3 x 1 Kit, 5 x 1 Kit

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