Our GelMA is now available in syringes in a high concentration without a photoinitiator at physiological pH and osmolarity. Quickly tailor your own GelMA bioink or 3D cell culture composition by simply diluting our high concentration buffered GelMA solution with a photoinitiator or other additives. Warm it up, mix well, and deliver results. GelMA preparation has never been quicker.

Recommended for use with BIO X and temperature controlled printhead and cooled printbed, or INKREDIBLE+ with heated printhead. Not Recommended for use with INKREDIBLE.


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Syringe: Bioink comes in 3 ml syringe.
Sterile produced and packaged.
Not for human use. Only for research use.

Product no: IK3500010501

NOTE: This product was previously namedĀ GelMA HIGH C.