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gelxa bone



Product no: IK3X21350301 (1 x 3 mL) Product no: IK3X21350303 (3 x 3 mL)
GelXA-BONE is a great bioink for studying targeted cell differentiation. This bioink is well-suited for use as a base material in bone constructs or thermopolymer supplement constructs. This incredible new bioink offers dual crosslinking capabilities via UV exposure or treatment with ionic crosslinking agent.
GelXA-Bone Application Note GelXA-Bone Safety Data Sheet  
Cartridges: Bioink comes in 3 mL cartridges.
Sterile produced and packaged.
2 month shelf life.
Not for human use. Only for research use.

0.25 LAP 1x3ml, 0.25 LAP 3x3ml

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