LUMEN X – GelMA PhotoInk™ 5mL

Volumetric’s GelMA PhotoInk™is an optimized gelatin-based biodegradable bioink designed specifically for the Lumen X. GelMA PhotoInk™can be mixed with a cell pellet before printing, and provides mammalian cells embedded in the fabricated hydrogel with the essential properties of their native environment. Lumen X’s built-in heating function is crucial for generating complex GelMA-based hydrogels.

Using 405-nm near-UV light exposure, Volumetric’sGelMA PhotoInk™enables materials to cure with little-to-no impact on cell viability. To incorporate mammalian cells into GelMA PhotoInk™, you can gently mix the bioink with a cell pellet. Additionally, this material can resolve intricate vascular networks and channels when coupled with the Lumen X, which can be seeded with endothelial and epithelial cells.

After printing, incubate GelMA PhotoInk™ printed hydrogels in warm (37-degree Celsius) PBS or media solution. Change the PBS at least three times in the following 24 hours – this enables the GelMA hydrogel to reach equilibrium and will result in mostly transparent hydrogels. When printing cells with GelMA PhotoInk™, incubate the printed hydrogel in the appropriate sterile cell culture media at 37 degrees Celsius.

Only for use on the Lumen X. Not for use on BIO X, INKREDIBLE or INKREDIBLE+ bioprinters.

PhotoInk™ is a registered trademark of Volumetric. All rights reserved.


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Item number: D16110020897 Sterile Aqueous Solution, 1x stock solution, 5mL

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