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Sterile Precision Conical Nozzles


Product No: NZ2210000801 (21G Light blue)
Product No: NZ2230000801 (23G Purple)
Product No: NZ2250000801 (25G White)
Product No: NZ2270000801 (27G Red)
Product No: NZ2300000801 (30G Black)

Precision Conical Nozzle with Luer lock hub.
1 nozzle per package, packed in Mylar bag
Color: Light blue, purple, white, red, black
Conical Nozzle Types: 21G, 23G, 25G, 27G and 30G
Material: Polypropylene, Nickel Silver
Connector Type: Female Luer
Conical Nozzle length: 19mm
Nozzle Diameter (ID)

21G (0.609mm), 23G (0.564mm), 25G (0.437mm), 27G (0.335mm), 30G (0.233mm)

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