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nozzles + pink and green

Sterile Standard Conical Bioprinting Nozzles, 50 pcs


Product No: NZ4180005002 (18G Green)
Product No: NZ4200005002 (20G Pink)
Product No: NZ4220005002 (22G Blue)
Product No: NZ4250005002 (25G Red)
Product No: NZ4270005002 (27G Clear)

Standard Conical Bioprinting Nozzles

50 nozzles per box, packed in Mylar bag
Color: Green, Pink, Blue, Red, Clear
Conical Nozzle Types: 18G, 20G, 22G, 25G, 27G
Material: Polypropylene
Connector Type: Female Luer
Conical Nozzle length: 32mm
Nozzle Diameter (ID)

27G – 200µm (Clear), 25G – 250µm (Red), 22G – 410µm (Blue), 20G – 580µm (Pink), 18G – 840µm (Green)

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