The kit includes:

  • CELLINK VasKit Perfusion Device
  • CELLINK GelMA C with LAP photoinitiator (2 x 3 mL)
  • Bioprinting nozzles
  • Luer adapters (2 psc)


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To create a thick tissue that can accommodate a high density of cells, nutrient and gas exchange needs to be effective and reach every cell throughout the tissue. For this purpose, the tissue engineer needs to vascularize the tissue. This approach using the CELLINK VasKit include the printing of a larger, primary vessel with a relatively simple geometry, from which a microvasculature is able to develop during incubation. By incorporating a refined method and design, it is now possible to craft channeled tissues using, for example, CELLINK GelMA C and CELLINK PLURONICS. Using luer connectors, the bioprinted construct is easily interconnected with perfusion tubing that supports the further incubation and development of a tissue with emerging microvasculature.

Sterile produced and packaged.
Not for human use. Only for research use.

Product no: TE0101010101 (1 Kit)