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XPLORE 3ml 3 cartridges mixed



Product no: IK1021360309 (9 x 3 mL cartridge)
Product no: IK1021364501 (1 x 45 mL syringe)

CELLINK® Xplore was specifically designed for demonstration purposes. This ink can be used to print surgical models and larger organ structure with retained shape architecture. Similar to CELLINK® Bioink, Xplore boosts excellent printability and viscosity while retaining structural integrity after printing and crosslinking. Xplore is available in a variety of colors in order to better visualize printing complex structures with several printheads at a time.
XPLORE Safety Data Sheet

1 Bottle of crosslinking agent included.
This ink is available in 3 ml cartridges or 45 ml syringe.
Not for human use. Only for research use.

9x3ml mixed colors, 1x45ml pink, 1x45ml blue, 1x45ml green

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