This Startup Bioprints 3D Skin

In 2013, European Union banned the use of animals for testing of new cosmetic products. The search for an alternative led to the advent of 3D bioprinting. A cost effective, ethical alternative to the cosmetic industry is the invent of 3D skin tissue.

A Bangalore-based startup, Next Big Innovation Lab, set up by four young innovative enthusiasts, has brought this unique 3D bioprinting technology to India by developing 3D skin tissue which will address the unmet R&D needs of the healthcare sector in the country.


“Our 3D bioprinted skin tissues (Innoskin) developed using our proprietary technology will allow cosmetic manufacturers to work on formula development that is in line with international regulations and testing guidelines. Hence, animal testing by these companies will be virtually eliminated,” Pooja Venkatesh, co-founder, Next Big Innovation Lab, told The Hans India.

The startup, founded in May 2016, is developing skin tissue for custom suited cosmetic and personalized pharma market. “These cosmetic companies can use 3D skin tissues, which is bioprinted using different skin types from different parts of the human body, to test a range of their products. They can even have user-specific skin cells printed so that people can create cosmetics custom suited to their skin types and needs.

And, with personalized medicine gaining a lot of momentum, 3D skin tissues can be used as models to study various skin ailments, to effectively treat skin scars, and for medical students to practice suturing of wounds,” she explains.

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